week-end report, week 36, 2012

Taking my shot at describing, capturing for future, further access, what I learned this week—whether I really understood it, or not.

week 36, 2012
scaffolding city shot 64

[1] it should be easier

  • Bookkeeping, point of sales systems—getting them to connect—it should be easier.
  • Processing expense reports—dealing with receipts, getting compliance, and the bookkeeping on that—should be easier. 
  • Invoices you enter in your CRM software should automatically generate an invoice in your bookkeeping software—and the payment logged in your bookkeeping software should update your CRM.

This should all take less work, fewer entries.
I agree.

The software (that I've seen) isn't there yet.

Also, though, we're not expecting to do the requisite set up work —the defining and mapping that goes into establishing what will feel to users like a good experience, that takes work, and I don't see how it wouldn't.

So far, I don't see that bookkeeping can be done generically. My conversations with clients aren't about teaching them to speak bookkeeper (though it may seem like it to them at times), they're about familiarizing me with their practices, ideas, vocabulary, concerns and preferences.

Moving those specifics into a user-friendly system takes some time, energy and attention. On both our parts. And, it'll be about details. Not everyone likes to talk details.

[2] looking someone in the eyes while talking to them goes a long way.

It can be the difference between:

  • coming to an understanding between the two of you (today, or sometime—this exchange is part of all the ones to follow it),
  • and

  • solidifying your ideas about each other —today and for a long time to come.
  • What would you prefer?

    [3] you can't just say "team" and make it so

      Your intentions aren't enough here. The others, they/we have to feel it.
      Then it will be true.

      scaffolding city, shot 64

      scaffolding city, shot 64