week-end report, week 06, 2013

Taking my shot at describing, capturing for future, further access, what I learned this week—whether I really understood it, or not.

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[1] embrace the mess

To make sense out of anything, you have to see all of it, or at least a LOT of it, and if you do that, if you haven't already, then ... you'll see the mess of it. The crammed-into-the-closet, piled-on-the-desk, ignored, inconsistent, always-an-exception mess of it.

I don't really know what comes next, but the mess is inevitable. You might as well. See it. You might as well stay and come to terms with it, face to face, embrace it.

[2] I don't know what happens next

Now that the moment has passed. I'm not so sure I know what happened then, or is going on now for that matter. What happens next, I don't know what happens next.

[3] what is routine?

What's typical? Typical, comfortable, doable, capacity routine. Capacity where there is still room for unexpected, delayed, flawed and broken. Capacity where there is movement, flow; things are happening and it's not speedily or anxiously or determinedly getting things done. You're doing it. You're just doing your thing.

window 0011

window 0011

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