week-end report, week 05, 2013

Taking my shot at describing, capturing for future, further access, what I learned this week—whether I really understood it, or not.

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[1] it's all relative

The other day a client who has several businesses told me some good news about one of the newer ones: a sign of progress -- growth -- and I swear I felt each cell in my body literally swell with pride the way you do when a kid in your life does something new, crosses a threshold. I felt it. And then recognized what I was feeling; it was automatic. And unexpected.

I haven't been working with them all that long, and it's not as if I physically go to the space, or know the people there, just management, and lightly. I don't, in my mind, think of us as related. 

Apparently, my body does. 

[2] I wonder what they expect

Even with agreements in writing, I wonder if this is what s/he expected.

No...I don't actually. Mostly, I am occupied with what's in front of me, with what I think needs to be done just now.

I don't much step back to see if we're still going in the same direction, or if it's the one we thought we were on. Or, if now that time has passed, ground's been covered, experience shared, and we've gained familiarity, gotten a look at the inner workings, and maybe changes of mind or focus have taken hold—do we even want to go in this direction, much less is it the same?

Usually, it's when someone's disappointed, that's when you get a sense of how close or far you are to meeting each other's expectations.

[3] what do you think I'm thinking?

Most of us, most of the time, know so little of each other, and based on that, we understand each other.

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