week-end report, week 35, 2012

Taking my shot at describing, capturing for future, further access, what I learned this week—whether I really understood it, or not.

week 35, 2012
scaffolding city shot 39

[1] Great working with you today.

That's how the email started off. That's one of the ways that I gauge whether I'm doing my job. The experience of the others involved. Clients first. Co-workers second. Everyone else third. Then me.

No-wait! That's not totally true. My experience will always come first—whether I mean it to or not. It's a priori. Can't be helped.

And, I can say that I put the client first, but if co-workers, employers, suppliers are urgent on my mind...well, where's the client then?

So, however among us all this works. Collaborates. Conflicts. Emerges. The idea is for any of us to be able to say, to feel: it was great working with you today, right?

Glad to be reminded. Of that idea, and also that there is no way to completely understand, map out, or control the all of these relationships.

[2] Rather than trying, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

[3] The world is small. big. small.

The world is small. I've started running into people from my past. We're in different incarnations, but we know each other from back then. What a coincidence that you're here, too, now!

And, we're in these different incarnations of us. Iterations? We've had all these experiences since we last saw each other. I'm so not that person anymore. Are you?

There are so many ways to get here.

The world is so big!

We still know each other. We kind of know each other better than we (at least I) realized back then. It's nice. The things I still get about you are larger, nearer to me than any other part of the past. It's cozy. Small world.

scaffolding city shot 39

scaffolding city shot 39