week-end report, week 49, 2012

Taking my shot at describing, capturing for future, further access, what I learned this week—whether I really understood it, or not.

week 49, 2012
scaffolding city shot 187

[1] everything is a work-in-progress

I think a part of me is addicted to the idea of having things done, settled, complete. Fixated in the desire for that feeling of sureness.

Addicted? Yes — Because it's endless.
You reach a stop-point, look around, feel your feet and mind settle.

And, then. And, then.
How long does it last? That feeling.
That sense of sureness, of being done?

Not long.
Never long enough.
...why seek it?

[2] Small moves

Know what you're going toward. Keep the destination in mind, and take small steps. Over and over and over.

[3] I still hate saying no

It feels miserly. And, I have so much.

scaffolding city, shot 187

scaffolding city, shot 187

week-end report, scaffolding city