bookkeeping is like yoga

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Bookkeeping is like yoga.

Routines and repetition. 

The value is in doing them over time. 

It’s not meant to be exciting.

It’s meant to be a set of routines.

Sticking to your bookkeeping practices over time:

  • builds strength, 
  • increases flexibility, 
  • provides access to a greater range of movement and possibility.

for your business,

much the way showing up for your yoga practice does for your body-mind.



the way you do when your computer gets stuck.

Vermont sky
When it happens to my computer, it's because I've had too much going on all at once, in the same space, and going on for too long. Sound familiar?

I could keep going. You can live an active life and still be stuck underneath it all, compulsively operating in the same way over and over again.

Today, I begin my self-experiment: a human restart

Turns out it's much easier than it seemed. You can just decide.

And, like my computer, you'll still have all your programs [habits], files [experiences], the same operating system [beliefs & expectations]... only—

you can move. You can do things, make things happen.

Restarting is a delicious breath of air going into every cell of, feeding me—so that I can do what I do:

  • make images
  • make it easier for other people to do their thing
  • make space for conversation

I have been struggling with that question "So, what do you do?" forever. 


Turns out, I just needed a restart.