There has to be a process.

There has to be a process.

If not, it's all reaction. 

If there is no process, even a good move is reactionary.

It's hit-or-miss.

Not trackable. Not scaleable. 

You can't delegate it.

Or improve it.

Or replace it.

Or automate it.

There has to be a process.

You have to define it, map it, assign it, make it measurable.

And measure it.

There has to be a process.

And it has to be measured.

If not, it's all reaction. 

And I hate that.

one word

one word to set the tone, the focus,
the home base for 2014.


one word.


I was going to do three words. Three words seemed really hard.
to decide on just three words.

But then, it just came showed up on its own. Just this



The last pose of the class, where you lay yourself down, close your eyes




the end that holds beginning in its hands 

It's why you do it.

All of it.

That's my word.

pretty much, it's all ballet practice

Begin again.
And...  1, 2, 3,   1, 2, 3... It doesn't matter what you're doing. what you're work is, your goal, your job, your dream. It's pretty much all ballet practice.

You learn a few moves, you practice, you sweat, someone (your boss, mentor, coach, conscience, internal committee, parents, customers, children, former self, future self)

someone tells you which way, how far to go: pushes you, waits for you, whines, yells at you, is proud of you --

and you do it,

you go for it.
you arrive.

it doesn't matter:
what you're doing, or who's saying it.

When you get there, it's always going to be:

Begin again.

ballet practice.

Over time, you'll get better.

If you keep going. listening. beginning. 



maintenance is progress

Maintenance is progress. When you're conscious of what you're doing, intentional about it, understand its relationships, to the big picture, to the details, to other people -- from your point of view and theirs.

Being able to do the same twice, much less routinely, is not easy. It requires effort, attention and precision, an appreciation for precision. Think of the things you'd like to be doing, or be better at. The habits you want to break, or begin. And all the ways you rationalize doing anything other than getting there, than staying there.

Maintenance is progress, when it's a choice.

Other times, it's inertia, slow decay, lack of imagination, pedantry, bureaucracy.

There is no such thing as standing still.
You're always moving. everything
is always moving.
the question is – in which direction?

Maintenance is progress. when done right.
If you're complaining about it, you're not doing it right.


stop trying

I think that's what's next: to just stop trying. 

Because it feels like trying is more about wanting it to be different, the experience, your performance, what someone else gives you, does, or expects of you. You want that to change, and then you'll go forward.

Trying isn't doing.

It's not being

here. In it. In the experience that is happening,


of your wants, needs, fears. 

So, how about you stop?

Don't think about it, don't rationalize, don't worry about what you did, or didn't, do so far, do not do anything to this. Just right here - now, stop trying.

Show up.


Exactly here, as is.

I knowThat's saying a lot. I mean all of it.

100% as is: with all of its implications, baggage and uncertainty. Everything you'd like to avoid, fix, or remove from reality or from memory... Really, I mean exactly here: as is. 

stop trying.



now what?