one word

one word to set the tone, the focus,
the home base for 2014.


one word.


I was going to do three words. Three words seemed really hard.
to decide on just three words.

But then, it just came showed up on its own. Just this



The last pose of the class, where you lay yourself down, close your eyes




the end that holds beginning in its hands 

It's why you do it.

All of it.

That's my word.

wet paint

the thing about a painting is that it will stay, open, while you figure out how deep you're ready to go with it.  how and deep  being two different planets of it. It's like it's pure space. It isn't why I do it. It is just so nice. To feel absolutely free to take my time.

I was going to say that paintings, in this way, are different than people. But I don't know. This same canvas had no patience for me at all until now.

That's familiar.

Seems like it's more about my view of it, than what it is, actually is, that decides. This relationship. oil paint. whether there's space. time. or not.

Not entirely, or course. But this canvas, it didn't change since the last time I looked at, and tonight, I can see so much more in it. I don't know where it's going between us. Just that there's a pulse to this thing.

That's familiar, too.


wet- and mostly under-paint.

wet- and mostly under-paint.