Put in the time

I learn by writing.

I learn by writing. And repetition.

Good ideas take more than a minute to get, to really get them. Make them your own. Make something out of them.

Good ideas are not quick wins.

Quick wins are one-liners. Single-serving friends.

I want more.

Good ideas, when they take hold, when you get them, they change things.

They change you.

You need to spend time with them though. Do something with them. See how they hold up.

Or how you do.

When I write, it's like it's in my hands, the idea. The one that moved me. Opened my eyes. Shifted my focus, loosened my grip, unearthed a belief or instilled hope. Inspired me. Ideas like that require your attention. They're just the beginning, the words. They lead to more.

Put in the time.