I think about process most of the time. I know: it's an annoying word at this point: process. But I do, think about it all the time: how we do things. It almost doesn't matter what. Almost. And, that's probably because vision and mission get internalized. You don't realize. That you're always on a mission. You're set: repeatedly preset to what you're doing. The what you're pursuing.

And it becomes all about process then. How you do what you do. How others do it. What they do. Or what you want them to do. The mission in the background, your mission, informing your expectations, your read of the situation. your read of them. the others. On your team or against you. Blockers.

Are they helping you get there, or not? And, why not?

Why not? 

That's when I start digging into the how. Their process, how they're going about getting this thing done, or their m.o. -- how they go about well: everything. Or at least: all things like this.

And there, that brings up what struck me yesterday -- the thing I was missing, when I was looking at process, working on process, trying to always always improve process:

that really it all begins with ownership.


Whose process is this? Who owns this?

And do they get
that they own it?

That you have to own it for it to work.

For all of our things to work:

You have to assume ownership.

And act accordingly.

Then we can move
from process to progress

what I really want to talk about: is progress.