the other side

You don't know until you let go. What it was you were holding onto, what it meant, to you or to them, what it obscured, or blocked or held. gently or fiercely.

Out of need, desire, laziness, comfort or fear.

You don't know until you step away, what space you held, the effect you had, what you didn't notice around you. Happening in you. Through you.

What is



So, why don't we like change?

You can't see anything when it's all the same, when you don't know where the edge is.

I forgot, amazingly, why it is that I like to leave. what interests me about hello.

That I show up to see what it'll be like, feel like, on the other side. 

I don't mean to rush away from, or discount anything about where we are, this place, this time. Stepping away, I can see it more clearly.

I can see that it wasn't all the same, that there were many edges. That there are many kinds of edges.

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