pretty much, it's all ballet practice

Begin again.
And...  1, 2, 3,   1, 2, 3... It doesn't matter what you're doing. what you're work is, your goal, your job, your dream. It's pretty much all ballet practice.

You learn a few moves, you practice, you sweat, someone (your boss, mentor, coach, conscience, internal committee, parents, customers, children, former self, future self)

someone tells you which way, how far to go: pushes you, waits for you, whines, yells at you, is proud of you --

and you do it,

you go for it.
you arrive.

it doesn't matter:
what you're doing, or who's saying it.

When you get there, it's always going to be:

Begin again.

ballet practice.

Over time, you'll get better.

If you keep going. listening. beginning.