it doesn't happen all at once

it doesn't happen all at once

It takes time. No doubt longer than you'd like. tchh—longer than I'd like! Most things take time to come together. Actually, even if there's a sudden surprising something, that didn't happen all at once either. Forces made their way into place, steps were taken; understanding, belief and/or proof settled into place, into view, into hands, heart or power–and with that,

all that— and more,      
it happened.

It didn't happen all at once. It wasn't caused by one thing. I know you can't always see that. Usually, it's the last step that we all focus on, remember and hope for. 

Doesn't matter if you can't see how it worked itself into being; even if you think it's someone else's fault, or your fault, or your doing in spite of it all—it was a collaboration. An evolution. A process. 

All threshold crossings are.

Every win. Every loss. Even if it feels sudden, instantaneous, simple. The train wasn't just late; you didn't just make that sale; she didn't just say yes.

It involved more than you, more than him or her, more than any of your ideas, efforts, wants, fears. All threshold crossings do. Involve more. 

And, more takes time to come together, so that a thing can reveal itself, for you to see it for what it is. Or for what matters to you.

What do you think is happening?

To you.

In this moment.
What you feel — that...'s more than that. 

It took time to become.
and it's not done yet.