clarity, I think it might be the key

I think clarity might be the key.

To moving forward, to moving through whatever is in front of you—hanging over you?—muddying things: inspiring procrastination, ducking, fear.


Lack of clarity is why you're stuck.

Big things, small things. Doesn't matter. The big things are not just made of many small ones, they're masquerading as small, so you can practice**

Really, they are big. Not like small is the new big—I mean that inside the small beats the heart of the big, is its core: how you do the small thing is how you'll do the big ones.

It's all the same.
It's all you.

**whatever you're doing, you're training in something

You're not just training yourself in the task at hand, in skills—in the what—You're training yourself in the how—in the quality of the experience that you generate for yourself.

So, what are you doing?
Today, this morning, this year, relationship, job, project, moment: what are you doing exactly and is it what you want to be doing?

  • What is the desired outcome?
  • What is the next action?
  • Get clear on where you're headed, and then, now: what is the one next step to take?


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    Gwada 0198

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