Great working with you today.

Great working with you today.

That's how the email started off. That's one of the ways that I gauge whether I'm doing my job. The experience of the others involved.

It's not always possible for the client or your co-workers to feel that way—It's not always great.

Often it's routine. Often it's hard, or messy, or not meeting expectations (and there are so many expectations, and so few of them visible or necessarily meaningful, but they're there running things just the same).

Often we're rushed. Multi-tasking. Trying to get from here to there with as little friction or attention as possible.

So, even if it was great, it doesn't always get noticed, or it passes fleetingly and they, or you or I, don't take time to say so. Or feel comfortable saying so.

For some reason—no doubt for a number of reasons and few of which I or she will ever realize were at work here—she began her email to me like that (the rest of it was a routine request).

Great working with you today.
That's nice to hear, right?

More than the nice—what interests me here is the story of it. I'd love to ask: what was great about it? I'd like to know what worked for her. I kinda think I know. Some of it anyway.

I'm not going to ask. Just to notice that this matters to me. This sense of communication between us.

working with you today

To be reminded that that was what I was doing today, that was the truly great part of it.