This is one of my absolute favorite sounds:


Said in no rush,

when it is the activity,

when for this moment, hello is not only

  • the gateway
  • the perfunctory thing to say before you even (if you even) look each other in the eye
  • the social pleasantry that you don't even notice you said, or that s/he said, as you get on with whatever it is you are meeting up
    • to do,
    • or get,
    • or get past.

Know what I mean?

When was the last time you said



And meant it to open a space where I can see you, and you can see me, and we didn't know what would happen next.

And, we didn't need to know already what would happen next.

And, we were curious about, interested in what would happen next.


roomy and pliable and regardless of everything else,

a moment:


daily drawing 06/17/12

daily drawing 06/17/12