what time is it?

Gwada 0903: volcano hike view outwardSometimes—

  • it’s time to drift
  • to experiment without a plan
  • to poke around online
  • see what else is going on
  • to lay around
  • be quiet
  • do what feels right
  • see what happens


  • it’s best to keep going
  • to do what you already know how to do
  • what you said you would do
  • what others are expecting
  • to follow through on the small things
  • to stick to the routine

In a moment when you don’t feel like it,

  • when you’re tired
  • or bored
  • or something shiny has caught your eye
  • or you’ve been interrupted by someone who wants your input on their thing—which may be part of your thing, or might be a whole new thing, either way they need help, or you’re turned on and—

How do you decide?

That is if you noticed, that you had the option then, to decide.