normal is diverse, an exhibition of 110 vagina portraits

Next month, I’m exhibiting vagina vérité for the first time since 2009. In NYC @ludlow_studios in the #lowereastsidenyc

The exhibition, normal is diverse, is free, but space is limited, so please reserve yours here.

normal is diverse is a photography exhibition of 110 vagina portraits, so we can see ourselves for ourselves.

It’s a project I began back in 2000. Here’s the story—

Out of the blue, she asked me, “Do you like the way your vagina looks?” A friend of mine, she thought there was something wrong with hers. It wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. And there was nothing I could say to convince her that she was normal. That totally pissed me off.

Over the course of ten years, I photographed over 100 vagina portraits. I shot from the point of view reserved for gynecologists and lovers (sometimes). The images are square and a little larger than life to properly extend the invitation to look. There were no stylists, no details about the model to set the mood for fantasy or to objectify us—just the everyday vagina in plain view. Each strikingly unique.

vagina vérité is a collective mirror of our individuality, expressed through an endlessly interesting aspect of ourselves, the faces of our vaginas. It raises a lot of questions.

It’s an opportunity to have conversations we don’t usually get to have. Out loud, or privately. While viewing, or later. Or not. It’s personal, yOur experience. Come by and see what you think, and feel.

It’s for my friend. I don’t believe I’ve properly answered her question yet.

It’s for, and about, women. Everyone who is interested is welcome.


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Service Design Thinking and Tools

Tonight, I gave a talk at the Lean/Kanban monthly meetup, and since I can't upload a file to meetup, I'm posting my deck here.

I think Stage Theory was the highlight of the talk.

I think Stage Theory was the highlight of the talk.

It leans heavily on the work and generosity of Megan Miller and Erik Flowers of Practical Service Design. This was my first time out presenting on service design thinking, and I didn't have a plan in place to capture all the sources I used as I mashed ideas together, especially as I went back and forth over materials provided by What that means is if any idea or turn of phrase really resonated with you, you should probably credit either Megan or Erik for it.

Here's what I do have for those of you who are interested in learning about service design thinking and what you can with it.
Much gratitude for the utility and inspiration it afforded me. If you're interested in Lean/Kanban and you're in NYC, here's the meetup info. Join us for Lean Coffee one Friday morning!

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