all kinds of questions

One of my favorite things about bookkeeping for different companies is the questions that come up. They're often not about bookkeeping. I don't necessarily have answers. Sometimes I do. Sometimes a client gives me tips and ideas. 

What do you use to take notes?

With different, projects, aspects of your life, home vs work, electronic vs. ink—how do you organize it all?

Good question! Something I am ALWAYS working on because in some ways I don't want to segregate my different interests (like on this website) and in others, in order to find what I need, and not spend ALL OF MY TIME organizing my notes and files, I also want a system that distinguishes among my different fields of interest and how I practice them.

I work with both electronic and ink-based note-taking...and wouldn't recommend what I've pieced together as a not-system so far.

Instead, there's something I read here that I REALLY LIKED and haven't quite implemented yet. What do you think?