leave the castle, LLC was originally established - by me, Alexandra Jacoby - to produce visual and performance art. To leave the castle is to leave your comfort zone (a place that has no edges).

Bookkeeping is my latest venture. These may seem like unrelated fields. And maybe they are. What I like about bookkeeping is the ways in which it's a lot like yoga. For me, it's pretty much all about seeking clarity.

Making an image, organizing an event, or a practice like bookkeeping—I do what I do to get a better view of an idea or a situation. To understand it, explore its parts, its purpose, and the effect it has. To see it clearly. 

Because clarity leads to action. Readiness and action.

When making an image most of that exploration is happening inside me, and the work is an artifact of that exchange. With events, it's experienced among the attendees, and with bookkeeping, it's about your business. What you do and how you do it. 

My interest is in making it easier for you to do what you do.

You need your financial transactions recorded accurately and consistently.

You need reports to see how things are going.

  • where do you make your money?
  • on what do you spend it?
  • who works with you?
  • would you benefit by changing anything about that?

What I do is organize and make routine the processes involved in maintaining your financial records.

I simplify the bookkeeping side of your life.

Why does this interest an artist?  Because I'm into the details of how we live and work, and how to make things work better for us.

As a bookkeeper, I get to experience your company from the inside out. That's where fundamental change can happen.

The first step toward improving a situation is to look at it, to really see the thing. 

Developing consistent bookkeeping practices will provide you with clarity and information. 

So that you can focus on doing the work you want to do.
To  leave the castle  is to leave your comfort zone (a place that has no edges).

To leave the castle is to leave your comfort zone (a place that has no edges).


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